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People thinking about a book on the human condition probably wouldn’t go over to the poetry section. They might be inclined to wander over to the psychology or self-help area of a book store or books online. In this powerful and moving book, Lisa Moreno takes her readers on an odyssey through the portals of the human condition with her electrifying poetry. Her book, The Human Condition, Poetic Insights is a stand-alone book. It is a poignant and sensitive collection of poems that address the vulnerabilities that humanity faces. It is presented in a way that elevates this book to transcend its category to the greater appeal of all audiences.

Imagine the impressionable child being harassed at school. The impact that teasing has on a child’s personality can affect him throughout his entire life. In this book, the section on Growing Up offers poetry about children’s inner fears, revealing the complexities of childhood. A sense of innocence and naivete echoes here. The poem, Being Made Fun Of, will awaken memories of early school days. We all remember kids being made fun of at school, even if it wasn’t ourselves. Lisa looks deeply through the eyes of children. She embraces the feelings of adopted children, as well as the feelings of being The Only Child. Dealing with conflicts at the family level is presented in her poem, The Family Line. Lisa crosses invisible boundaries to bring awareness to her readers about the fabric of family.

Lisa then shifts into the realm of Relationships. Here you will find beautifully crafted poetry describing love on many levels. Some will take your breath away. Breathe Me In and Your Sleeping Heart will make your heart pound. A full bounty of love poems awaits the reader here. You will also find poetry revealing the sting of deception and betrayal. The Cheating Heart and Emotional Abuse will ignite many readers. Lisa boldly addresses the fears that people have at the gut level. Lisa doesn’t simply write poetry to please and gloss over; she boldly ventures into areas of emotions from which people typically steer away. She wants to inspire people, to reach, climb, think, and conquer.

In the final section, Inner Conflicts, Lisa takes her readers on a roller coaster ride through the depths of the psyche. Here you will find a safe atmosphere where emotional roadblocks may be lifted through poetic inspiration. Lisa feels the pulse of humanity on a highly sensitive level. We all can become victimized by circumstances in our lives. She discusses the full spectrum of the human condition, from subjects like Courage, to the paralyzing affects of all-consuming Fear. She weaves through the fabric of emotions, and carries the reader from an inspiring poem like Garden In Bloom through life’s deep abyss, where the dark, murky waters of the human condition stand heavy. Her poem, Abuse, reveals the stark reality of a subject too often kept repressed and undisclosed. She then carries you through the ups and downs of turbulent, emotional waters to the calm, clear water of her final poem, Unconditional.

The Human Condition, Poetic Insights is a riveting and page-turning book. Each reader is sure to find a piece of himself somewhere in its pages.


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