Inner blindness


Inner blindness freezes the template of imagination!

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What exists without limitation,
Ignoring consequence’s ride?
A guaranteed commitment
That nothing can divide?

Not knowing from agenda
Or a selfish point of view,
It simply knows its breath
From deep inside of you~

Possessions have price tags
Tugging on the side.
Unconditional means nothing,
Waits beyond the tide~

A gift, when lack of motive
Knocks upon your door,
Beckoning forth a virtue
No one can underscore~

A phoenix stirring the heavens
In search of silent praise.
A word, a song, a feeling,
That bares no fog or haze~

We’re offered each a path
That tests our strength inside.
May you find your journey safe,
Empowered by your guide~

-from The Human Condition, Poetic Insights by Lisa Moreno


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My toes reach out.
I feel no ground.
I’ve risked my boundaries
As I leap air bound~

The magic of the moment
As I relinquish all force,
Risk having its ride,
Now traveling its own course~

The courage deep inside
Gives a rush beyond compare.
As I leap from cloud to cloud,
There’s nothing to beware~

For risking brings rewards,
Regardless of the price.
For venturing down life’s road
Is still a game of dice~

-Pg 101, The Human Condition, Poetic Insights by Lisa Moreno

Going The Distance

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When does one decide
That time has finally come
To follow their inner guide
And listen to its drum?

Seeking new directions,
Finally listening to your heart,
Releasing mental obstacles
That keep tearing you apart~

Finally making the call,
Acknowledging deep inside,
Going the distance for many
Becomes life’s marathon ride~

Once you are committed,
Inner light will guide your way.
Your fear will lose its hold,
As your distance melts away~

-Pg 85 The Human Condition, Poetic Insights by Lisa Moreno



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You need to know forgiveness
To understand your heart.
Once you release your anger,
You eliminate its dart~

Deep in your soul
A separate door exists,
Locked, anger echoes.
Yet opened, clears its abyss~

Embracing forgiveness
Can release much inner pain.
For selflessness, the bearer,
Can only bring forth gain~

Applaud all who treasure,
For they will surely know,
The blessings of forgiveness
Will, like the river, flow~

…page 90 The Human Condition, Poetic Insights by Lisa Moreno